Di Apotik 2

At the Pharmacy 2

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1. Cough medicine

Obat batuk (antitusif, med)

2. Cold medicine

Obat pilek

3. Antacid

Zat anti asam (antasid, med)

4. Aspirin 


5. Laxative

Obat cuci perut (laksatif, med)

6. Soar throat medicine

Obat sakit tenggorokan

7. Eye drops 

Obat tetes mata

8. Ear drops

Obat tetes telinga

9. Pain killer

Obat pereda nyeri (analgesik, med)

10. Fever reducer

Obat penurun panas (antipiretik, med)

11. Insect repellent

Obat anti gigit serangga

12. Birth control pills

Pil KB (kontrasepsi pil, med)

13. Band aid 

Plester luka ringan

14. Flu medicine

Obat flu

15. Sleeping pills

Obat tidur

16. Antiseptic

Pencegah infeksi (antiseptik, med)

17. Antibiotics


18. Vitamins


19. Toothache medicine

Obat sakit gigi

20. Condoms


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