Kapan Tanya dan Jawab

When Questions and Answers
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1. When are you leaving?

Kapan kamu pergi?

2. I am leaving in five minutes.

Saya pergi dalam lima menit.

3. When will you arrive?

Kapan kamu datang?

4. I will arrive in two days.

Saya datang dua hari lagi.

5. When does the movie start?

Kapan film mulai?

6. The movie starts at 7:20 p.m.

Film mulai jam tujuh malam lewat dua puluh menit.

7. When will he be finished?

Kapan dia akan selesai?

8. He will be finished in two weeks.

Dia akan selesai dua minggu lagi.

9. When did you cut your hair?

Kapan kamu potong rambut?

10. I cut my hair yesterday.

Saya potong rambut kemarin.

11. When are you going to go to university?

Kapan kuliah di universitas?

12. I am going to go to university next year.

Saya mulai kuliah tahun depan.

13. When will they begin?

Kapan mereka mulai?

14. They will begin soon.

Mereka akan mulai sebentar lagi.

15. When did she move to a new apartment?

Kapan dia pindah ke apartemen baru?

16. She moved to a new apartment three months ago.

Dia pindah ke apartemen baru tiga bulan lalu.

17. When will you leave England?

Kapan kamu akan meninggalkan Inggris?

18. I will leave England in six months.

Saya meninggalkan Inggris enam bulan lagi.

19. When will they buy a new car?

Kapan mereka akan beli mobil baru?

20. I don't know when they will buy a new car.

Saya tidak tahu kapan mereka akan beli mobil baru.

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